The large petal flower “Lily” originated in Asia. Lily is one of the most cultivated plants ever. If you talk about its popularity, Lilies are among the most popular flower on earth.

You can find the lily throughout the world, but Canada is the lily place ever. The country of lilies is another name for Canada.

Most people plant lilies outside of their houses there. Due to its subtle scent agreeably fragrant, and multi-color petals, the environment looks so pretty and oxygen friendly.

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Although its colorful star shape petals with attractive colors, make your summers worthwhile.

In this blog, we are going to take you to the garden of lilies, where you will persuade to plant lilies at your outside of the house.

The most gracious flower lily plays a significant role to beautify your garden. Its beauty gets started from spring till fall. 

You will see the breathtaking environment from early spring. When you go to any wedding or any occasion, you would see the white flower out there. Right? That is none other than lily are installed there.

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Lily is the most demanding wedding flower ever. Nowadays lilies are getting attached to a bridal dress to add some real beauty.

Lily's word is derived from the Latin word “Lilium”. Just like its beauty, the lily flower represents purity, innocence, and rebirth.

If you see from the sight of religious side. Lily often represents the virgin mary and the depiction of the resurrection of Christ.

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Lily attracts insects with its large colorful petals and through tasteful nectar as well.

You might know about lilies, but I am sure you’ve never gone through the species of lilies. 

Yes! There are some species that belong to lilies, and we’ve collected information for you so that you could take the decision about which lilies will suit you.

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Asiatic Liles

May and June is the best time for the growth of lilies. If the soil is draining, lilies will not take growth at their peak and it can waste your time as well. To plant them, first, make sure that the soil is not drained.

2 to 3 feet, the Shortest lily does not have much fragrance but it can add beauty with its beautiful colorful petals.

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Easter Liles

Longifolium lilies mostly come on easter day which is around march or April. You will see the lily as a holiday plant.

Oriental Lilies

The 4 feet oriental lilies have a strong fragrance than any lily. They grow slowly but once it's grown the have potential to build strong connections with other lilies. Its bloom time is around mid to late summer.

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Trumpet Lilies

When you take trumpet lilies in your hand, you’ll never find any difference between a trumpet and other files. More or less it is as similar to oriental lilies, in terms of scent.

On the other hand, it is as short as other lily species.

These are the best and most demanded lily I covered here, but there are other lilies like Turk's lilies,  cap lilies, tiger lilies, Orienpet lilies, and LA lilies. Orienpet lilies have different varieties that scents and colors will surely amaze you.

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I am sure that we have persuaded you to have a lily in your garden or outside of your house. So, what’s next? 

Let’s discuss more planting and growth of lilies.

If you’ve decided to plant lilies around you. So you must know that when a full sun appears on the soil, around half of the day, lilies would get exponential growth there.

But ensure that the time should be about mid-summer or early spring. Put their seeds down on the ground or in a pot, as long as march would come your lily would have fine and able to get growth.

Once you get down the bulbs of lilies, you need to ensure that caring for lilies does not get hurt.

If you want to give a lily as an affection of love to someone, it will be great if you give that in a flower bouquet Doha.

Lilies have one of the longest vase lives of any cut flower, and removing the pollen from their cores is a professional approach to extending their shelf life. Additionally, the petals won't get stained as a result.

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Lilies are harmful to cats yet harmless to humans! Keep your pets away from these lovely flowers. Renal failure can be brought on by even a little amount of exposure.

Despite the common misconception that all lilies have a perfume, only the white and tiger lilies are fragrance-free. So be sure to get one of those two flowers if you're planning a Bouq for inside by flower delivery Qatar.

Lily can be highly intoxicated by cats or any other animals. It can be causing kidney failure if they eat any part. The veterinarian recommends that don’t bring any animal close to any plants. Plants can be poisonous. 

Lily flowers are not just lovely. It is worthy to have, worthy to plant, and worthy to smell as well.

You will find 2 feet up to 6 feet lily. 

If you’ve gone through till here, I can guarantee you that there is love that has developed for the lily inside you.

So what are you waiting for? Go and make your environment beautiful with lilies.